Free Call Sheet Template[Google Docs]

MariaJune 24, 2024
Free Call Sheet Template, Google Docs, Photography Studio, London

What is a call sheet?

A call sheet is a document that contains information about the crew of a shoot - call times, names and contact details - information about the location of the shoot and sometimes the schedule of the shoot. Depending on the size of the production, you may see very long or very simple call sheets. The example I am using here is a simple version for a photoshoot.

Why is a call sheet important?

Imagine that you need to organise a crew of 5 to 10 people often booked by different members of the crew, who during the shoot, either won’t be there or will be busy with different tasks. All of them need to arrive at the location at a specific time, know each other's names and roles etc. Be able to call someone who is late or someone who got lost. Have easy access to contact details without having to look through email chains by different people. A call sheet resolves all these problems.

Let me take you through an example in more detail:
Free Call Sheet Template, photography studio.

Who gets a call sheet?

Every crew member or person involved with the shoot should receive a call sheet at least one day before the call day. Use a call sheet even when you do a test shoot with two crew members (photographer and model).

Free Call Sheet Template

You use use our free call sheet template here.

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