Top 5 Graduation Photography Alternatives to Tempest Photography

XiaoboJuly 8, 2024
Old Mission Peninsula School, 8th Grade Graduation Photo, 1968 | Sherie Boursaw Photo Graduation Photography Alternatives to Tempest Photography

Tempest Photography: A Leading Player with Recent Criticisms

Tempest Photography has been a cornerstone in the UK school photography industry for nearly a century. Established by Horace Tempest, the company specializes in capturing school moments, including individual portraits, class photos, and significant events such as graduations. Known for its high-quality prints and professional service, Tempest Photography has become a trusted name among educational institutions across the UK​.

However, the company has recently faced substantial criticism. Parents at Aboyne Primary School in Aberdeenshire were outraged when their children with additional support needs (ASN) were excluded from class photos, leading to accusations of discrimination and a public apology from the company​ (The Independent)​​ (STV News)​​ (Evening Standard)​. Furthermore, there have been complaints about unprocessed orders and inadequate customer service responses, raising concerns about the company's reliability​ (A SPOKESMAN SAID)​.

Top Alternatives for Graduation Photography

For parents and schools looking for reliable graduation photography suppliers, several reputable alternatives to Tempest Photography are available:

1. Vancols
Vancols is one of the UK's largest independent school photographers, offering a comprehensive range of services, including graduation photography. They emphasize high-quality prints and an easy-to-use online ordering system.
Website: Vancols

2. Bentley Photographic
Bentley Photographic offers extensive school photography services, including graduation photos. They are known for providing high-quality images and excellent customer service, making them a reliable choice for schools.
Website: Bentley Photographic

3. Gillman & Soame
With over a century of experience, Gillman & Soame provides top-notch graduation photography services. They are recognized for their professional approach and high-quality images, catering to various school photography needs.
Website: Gillman & Soame

4. Kittle Photographic
Kittle Photographic focuses on creating a positive experience for students and schools. They offer various photography packages, including graduation photos, ensuring memorable and high-quality captures.
Website: Kittle Photographic

5. Pret-a-Portrait
Pret-a-Portrait emphasizes natural and engaging photography, providing individual and group graduation photos. Their approach ensures high-quality images that capture the essence of graduation ceremonies.
Website: Pret-a-Portrait


While Tempest Photography has been a dominant force in school photography, recent issues highlight the importance of exploring other options. Parents and schools seeking reliable and high-quality graduation photography services have several reputable alternatives. By considering these options, you can ensure a positive and memorable experience for your graduation events, capturing moments that will be cherished for years to come.

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