Catering Service

We collaberate with N5 Kitchen to provide you curated, original and seasonal food for your shooting days.

Please email the studio for further information upon meal options. All catering information will need to be submitted by 11am the day before your shoot.


- 2 Breakfast options + lunch = £24/pp
- 3 Breakfast options + lunch = £27/pp
- Lunch only = £17/pp
- Add dessert = £4.5/pp

Additional items:
- Soft drinks selection = £3/pp
- Snacks = £6/pp

Delivery is charged at £18.40 per delivery
(eg. Lunch delivery = £18.40, Breakfast and Lunch delivery = £32.80)

VAT and Delivery Fees will be added onto the final price.
Images from N5 Kitchen.
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