Studio Backdrops

Backdrops: Arctic White, Black, CappuccinoCarnationCherry Red, China Blue, Crimson, Dandelion, Forget-Me-Not, Lemon, Lilac, Mandarin, Oxford BlueOyster, Polar White, Rose PinkRoyal Purple, Sea BlueSpruce Green, Storm Grey, Summer GreenSunflower. (more colours on request).

Use of any backdrop is charged £20 per 2m. If you need to cut or use a whole roll, we charge £90.

* All prices are VAT exclusive.

Equipment Included

Godox DP600III, 400III Studio Flash x 3
Aputure Amaran LED Light 200x, 100d x 3
PocketWizard PlusX Trigger x 2
Godox XproC Trigger x 1
Standard Reflector x 4
41CM Beauty Dish x 1
Honeycomb Grid for Standard Reflector and Beauty Dish 
Snoot x 1
120cm Octa Softbox x 1
80x60cm Softbox x 2
100x20cm Softbox x 2
Black & White Polyboards  2.4 x 1.2m x 4
C-Stand x 2
Light Stand x 5
Cloth Rail and Hangers
K9 Professional Cloth Steamer x 1

Extra Equipment

All Cameras - £30/Day
All Lenses - £20/Day
Manfrotto Tripod with Fluid Video Head - £20/Day
Gobos - £20/Day
Nanlite PavoTube 15C x 2 - £50/Day
* All prices are VAT exclusive.

Kodak Film 

Kodak porta 160 - £19 per roll
Kodak porta 400 - £22 per roll
Kodak porta 800 - £20 per roll
* All prices are VAT exclusive.

More Equipment on Fat Llama

If you just need camera equipment for your next project we have a wide range available for hire, click here to see our range. 
Camera Range
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