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- Self tape filming
- Monologue workshop
- Reader services
- Audition submission
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Providing actor's of London the professional studio space to perfect their self tape submission. With speedy same day delivery, you'll be able to submit high quality audition scenes to major studios before they can say "CUT!"

If you need to film an important self tape but don't have the space, reader or proper equipment, we can provide you with everything you need to ace the casting call. Fantastic for actors and creatives with day jobs, lacking the time or a spacious set up at home. Our studio welcomes actors to our Whitechapel base, just minutes walk from the underground, Elizabeth and overground train lines.

Self tape

You can put your mind at ease, knowing you can submit those pesky same-day submission deadlines and have the perfect material for your next audition. Do you best performance in an easy, supportive environment and get your hardworking foot in the industry.

- Netflix approved HD Sony FX3 filming camera.
- Professional studio space, with various coloured backdrops - we'll find what colour makes your eyes pop!
- Camera operator and trained actor to read with, if needed.
- Studio quality lighting for a clear and perfect image.
- Feedback on your performance and directed workshopping for your scene or monologue, available if requested.
- Free basic editing of your monologue or scene to be sent to yourself as well as one other contact.
- Guaranteed same day delivery!
Relax knowing you can film as many takes in your session, until you’re perfectly happy with your performance. If you're filming an audition tape, we can submit your tape to the casting agent or send it straight to your agent as soon as it's finished. What are you waiting for? Start auditioning!

Price: £50 for 1 hour, £30 for half an hour


Need help with a new monologue? Need to work on refreshing an old one? Work with a trained professional who has coached actors all around the world and helped clients get singed to major agencies.

Why did you chose this monologue? What attracts you to the character and the situation they are in? We will explore the context of the play and the emotional intent in the scene. It's super helpful to send the monologue ahead of time to give us some time to read it over and get a sense of what we are going to be working on. 

When you're happy with the monologue you will have the opportunity to film it. Start sending it off to agents or have it as part of your showreel that day!
No monologue is too hard, too funny, too complicated or too much for you to handle.

Price: £40 for 45 mins, £70 for 90 mins

Reader service

Just need a reader? No problem! We can provide a reading service if you just need someone to go through the lines with you. 
Maybe you are recording a scene at home and just need someone to recite lines or maybe you need to go over sides before an in person audition tomorrow. This service, is a cheaper rate of £25 per hour. 


When will I receive my tape?
We guarantee same day delivery for your audition and monologue tapes. All files will be sent by 6pm the same day you filmed them.  If your submission deadline is before 6pm, please let us know when you book.

Will I have a reader?
Yes, you will have a professional actress as your reader with heaps of experience in filming self tapes and performing scenes both on stage and screen. Only a female reader is available at the moment.

How will I receive my tape?
We will send the tape via a WeTranser link so you can download your tape securely.

Who will you send the material to?
We will send you a link as well as one person of your choice, eg. your agent or casting director

My tape is for an audition, can you submit it for me? 
We are able to submit your tape to the appropriate submission form (eg. dropbox, google form) for £5 extra. Make sure you provide us with the correct links! Please note any NDA forms must be filled out by the actor. 

Whoops! I went over my time, what do I do? 
It's okay, we understand it sometimes takes more time to get the perfect shot. we charge £20 per half an hour over your original session booking.

Help me! I need to film a self tape outside of work hours!
Don't stress! We are able to schedule filming outside of our studio hours (9am - 6pm) for £55 an hour. 

How do I pay for the session?
We take payment after the session ends via a card reader. Payment must be taken on the day and cannot be paid at a later date. 

I have a discount (yay!) how do I apply it?
All discounts will be applied when payment is taken, just let us know. Lucky you!

The stage is yours! Play around, relax and have fun!!
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